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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Visceral Evisceration - Unreleased Rehearsal 10/1991 (1991)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Austria
Year: 1991

1. Blood Drenched Bowels in My Bed_____8:57
2. Sloaghed Alive and Mined With a Knive_7:25

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Here it is... probably Visceral Evisceration's most sought after rehearsal. It contains two unreleased tracks, recorded way back in 1991. The song Blood Drenched Bowels in My Bed is a little over TWO MINUTES LONGER than the same track recorded in another rehearsal, as seen in the previous blog post. Added are some spooky/mystical ambient noise sections along with a bizarre band part, and some cool voiceovers that seem to be relating an interview with a rapist whose victims ranged from 20-70 years old. Haha!

The second track "Sloaghed Alive and Mined With a Knive"is more what you'd expect from Visceral Evisceration and embodies that grind influence with a very quick intro. Some of the riffs actually sound similar to other songs which is probably why they left this one out of the full-length. Killer riffs and can get fairly fast-paced at times. Solid track with an Exorcist-esque effect at the end.

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  1. Thanks for all these Visceral Evisceration/As I Lay Dying posts Adam! Awesome material. Really appreciate your effort to find these gems. THANKS!