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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dissect - Pusgush from the Vomited, Wormy Gut (1993)

Note: Artwork unavailable

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Hungary
Year: 1993

1. Intro (Sympathetic Entreaty)
2. Raw Mind (Preserved Thought)
3. Lights Awaiting to be Disclosed
4. Associal Society
5. Disabled Suicide
6. Lost Subconscious
7. Catholic Priests' Sexuality (Nuns' Orgy In The Cathedral)
8. I Suffer from God
9. Negative Hopes
10. The Solve of the Thoughts Connexions... Can It Be Sold?
11. Outro (Returning Torture)

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Okay, time for some obscure shit. This is not the Brutal Death Metal band from Holland, or that punk band, but instead a very tiny straight up old school Death Metal band from Hungary. They released a couple of demos and a split, both of which are still missing in action. However, I bring you their second, and last, recording, host to quite an intriguing and oddly absorbing name.

Don't be thrown by the long tracklist; there are only like five real songs, broken up by atmospheric interludes, that sometimes seem out of place, but still well-done and great to break up the fast-paced, angry DM contained within each of the meaty tracks. This is fast, but also very heavy, and slightly on the choppy side, meaning that it seems like the music should flow faster for longer periods of time, but instead, the songs seem broken up, most likely due to the roomy, pulsating, and head-crushing production. It's not bad, just different from what I'd normally hear. However, this works amazingly well in Dissect's case. I love how dirty the songs sound, and since the vocals are in the Hungarian language, and there are some minimalistic parts with only ferocious vocals, they sound very demonic and enraged. Dual vocalists are used, and the other is higher-pitched, with a messier scream in the same vein as the guttural. They really compliment each other quite well. For some reason, I really like this demo, and either I am the only one or nobody's heard of it, considering I currently possess all of their scrobbles on Last.fm!

Really unknown and mysterious Death Metal, introduced to me by entity. Check it out.

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