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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Abnorm - Schemes of Hate and Denial (2009)

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: France
Year: 2009

1. Intro
2. Occularis Infernum (The Devilish Contemplations)
3. The Dead End Path Passenger
4. Schemes of Hate and Denial

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This was released quite a while ago, back in February, but seems to have garnered absolutely zero attention. Bummer. A big, fat zero plays on Last.fm, and they really deserve more. Delving heavily in Black Metal territory, we hear many fast-paced, tremolo-picked riffs, but there's also a death/doomy side to things. The second track is a great example of this contrast; it starts a pure Black Metal ferocity, and about two thirds in, all of a sudden we're hit with some death/doom, and it sounds just like an old school Death Metal band. The vocals are very energetic and full of life, mostly death-based, and a great addition to the furious music. The riffs can be really cool at points, and are always very fast, so you know you'll never be left feeling unsatisfied after this first effort! A fantastic start for a band that I'm sure will go places rather quickly.


  1. Hey! I had not seen that chronicle yet, thanks a lot for your comments (even more since they are positive ones!)
    Some new stuff is to appear soon on a split with Deus Ignotus (Gr). A new song is on our myspace page, feel free to check it!


    T.C (drums), Abnorm

  2. Updated.

    Geez, Mediafire's copyright detection method is so, so wrong.

    I mean, the freakin' drummer from Abnorm stopped by to leave a comment!