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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burial - Loss of Life (1991)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1991

1. Unnecessarily Executed
2. Justifiable Homicide
3. Victim of Drowning
4. Serial Killer

Download at Mediafire
Metal Archives Rating: 80%


Here is my recommendation of the week. Or something. I don't actually do one of those, but if I did, this would be my pick. Here we have yet another demo-only band, only having released a few demos, with the other two featuring re-recorded songs from this legendary demo. But this is the one you want.

Burial play a very fast and frantic style of Death Metal not unlike early Obituary and Death. The riffs are there in full force and a bit of technicality is showing through with these razor-sharp leads and melodies. The bass is very audible at times and blends well with the music. The vocals sound a lot like early Death, if not a bit more animated. You can tell this guy is really getting into the music.

Best song, bar none, is "Victim of Drowning". This is probably one of my favorite DM tracks ever, mainly for the insane, over the top style and vocals. The vocals! Very wild and scared sounding almost, like he really is drowning. That mixed with the riffing really creates a frightening and helpless atmosphere, like you're being overwhelmed. If anything, download this demo for that song. Amazing.

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