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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disgrace - Beyond the Immortalized Existence (1990)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 1990

1. Beyond the Immortalized Existence
2. Offering
3. Deprive My Innermost Soul
4. Ingrained Reign
5. Absurd Acension

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Weird band. They started out playing Death Metal of the rawest kind and then transitioned over to punk rock later in their career. Hm. Fear not, though, this is the very first demo from these guys, and it is death metal with balls. Probably the most interesting part of this music is the vocals. We have several different styles going on here, and it really makes this a fascinating piece of Death Metal. There are your classic death grunts, sometimes destroyed by the production, giving them an even rawer sound. In addition, we've got a higher pitched, crazed vocal style, the rare burping, some grindcore-esque vox, and even some spoken word-like vocals that have a robot hint to them, due to the production. They mix them up quite well, so you're never listening to the same style for too long, making this a varied piece that'll never bore you.

It's also notable how doomy this demo can get at some points. "Deprive my Innermost Soul" is mainly Death/Doom, and a nice break from the chaos. Great release, really.

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