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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cerekloth - Pandemonium Prayers (2008)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Denmark
Year: 2008

1. Pandemonium Prayers
2. Lunatic of God's Creation (Deicide cover)
3. Touch of the Scythe

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"What is it? What's going on?" ... "It's death." Right from the start, I knew this EP was going to slay. With an intro like that, you've got to prepare yourself for some hard-hitting, insane death metal, and that's exactly what you get with Cerekloth's debut EP.

I'm noticing some grindcore influences in this whiplashing style of death metal, notably the ferocity and unrelenting speed, coupled with several vocal types, ranging from the low guttural all the way up to the gurgling spitting of inaudible sacrilege. Everything is fast to the max on Pandemonium Prayers, and the only downside is that it ends too quickly! Only two original songs and a Deicide cover, but I'll take quality over quantity any day, and this appears to be something Cerekloth are good at.

The last song, "Touch of the Scythe" is probably my favorite and this EP's highlight. The intensity from the first song is present, except now with the addition of soloing, providing great contrast in that they're somewhat melodic and slowed down, considering the pace of the rest of the music. About halfway through, we're hit with a slower, doomy part and more melody; very powerful as it gives the EP an identity beyond your typical grind/death album. It even closes with a soft piano outro!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bastard Priest - Merciless Insane Death (2008)

Genre: Punky Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 2008

1. Under the Hammer of Destruction
2. From Beyond
3. Merciless Insane Death
4. Graveyard Sacrifice
5. En Hälsning Från Helvetet (Bombanfall cover)

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Bold name, I know, but Bastard Priest serves to assert the boldness behind their 2008 demo entitled Merciless Insane Death. Hailing from Sweden, "primitive" is probably the most appropriate descriptor for this style of music. These guys don't give two shits about technicality or making their music unique through experimentation; no, Bastard Priest has set out to record some of the most raw and filthy death metal of this decade!

There is nothing about this demo that won't kick your ass. Everything from the production to the soloing is wildly chaotic and out of control, pushing the envelope, and tearing a warpath through everything standing in its way. Pure aggression is king, especially in the crusty punkish vocals. Not so much growled, but more yelled, bumping up the overall intensity a few notches. Nicely complementing the vocals are the drums and guitars, both lightning fast--even the riffing seems unnaturally sped up at points like toward the end of the title track. Still, there's the occasional slowed-down part, most likely to give the listener a chance to catch his breath, but those never last long, and we're back up to full speed, maniac solos throwing jabs and hooks left and right, not letting up until you're lying bruised and bloodied on the ground.

Emotion. You just don't get death metal these days with this sort of heart and desire to make such mutilating music. I see a bright future for Bastard Priest; let us raise our glasses to them!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lie in Ruins - Swallowed by the Void (2009)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 2009

1. Descent (instrumental intro)
2. I'll Cast My Wrath
3. Crush the Holy
4. Abyss of Demons
5. The Serpent Coils
6. Art of Desecration
7. Damnation
8. Raging Fire
9. Swallowed by the Void
10. Bringer of Desolation

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I remember the hype surrounding this album when it was first announced and the artwork released. Lie in Ruins was promising something huge, and to spare you the anticipation, they sure as hell delivered. Swallowed By The Void is in every bit deserving of all the praise they've received with this massive success.

Opening with an eerie, atmospheric intro track, the groundwork is being laid for the rest of this crushing album with slow, steady build-up, leading to the dirty, gritty death metal to follow. A throwback to ways of old, yet with a slightly modern touch, the classic Finnish sound is present, with underlying Swedish influences in the chainsaw riffing style. Quick-paced, Swallowed by the Void is morose and sinister; the listener thrown deep into the thralls of darkness, left to fend for himself, the dark quickly closing in.

With a downright demonic sound, and throaty, raspy vocals, accompanied by a mix of fast and slow riffs, Lie in Ruins recreate that lost sound newer bands can't seem to replicate. Ferocious solos are thrown into many of the songs, further dragging the listener into a state of morbid chaos, weakening any hope to escape.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ars Onirica - Utopia: A Winternight's Traveller (2004)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Italy
Year: 2004

1. Grey
2. Married in Death
3. Dellamorte Dellamore
4. Wounds

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Dunno where I stumbled across Ars Onirica; perhaps it was because I noticed one of their songs, "Dellamorte Dellamore" shared the same title as one of my favorite movies, but regardless, this really isn't a bad bit of modern metal!

Emphasis on the melody, the first song "Grey" opens with an acoustic intro, setting up the majestic atmosphere that's to follow. Calm and calculated metal with a few great vocal melodies, both harsh and clean, Ars Onirica delivers a breath of fresh air into Italy's metal scene with this release. It's a pity they split up, since this listener feels that they were well on their way.

Not entirely chill, this demo has its angry moments, but for the most part, Utopia keeps up a serene atmosphere. Those clean vocals might catch you off guard, but as long as you come into this demo not expecting anything like what's already on this blog, you'll find it very much enjoyable.