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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Necroccultus - Supreme Occult One...The Underworld Abhorrence (2006)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Mexico
Year: 2006

1. Supreme Occult One (Intro)/In The Darkest Region Of Dead
2. The Underworld Abhorrence

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Credits to KeithM for the find!

Hailing from Mexico, Necroccultus are a new and upcoming band with a hell of a lot of potential. This is just one EP from their already outstanding discography. Drawing influence from acts like Immolation, Necroccultus plays fast and furious evil-sounding Death Metal, with suffocating vocals. Not quite a guttural and a little easier on the ears, but still doesn't falter the least in creating a noisy atmosphere of destruction. Very riff-heavy, focusing on tremolo picking, brace yourself for 13 minutes of ass-kicking!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Visceral Evisceration - Rehearsal 1994 (Unreleased Tracks) (1994)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Austria
Year: 1994

1. Unreleased Rehearsal Track
2. Butchered Magnificence
3. Impassioned Arousal (Jam Session)
4. Chewing Female Genital Parts (Stoned Accoustic Reh.)
5. I Am Enamoured (Of Dead Bodies) (Reh.)
6. Chewing Female Genital Parts (Reh.)
7. Tender Flesh... on the Bier (Reh.)

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Just when you thought you had it all... here's one more thing for the truly dedicated Visceral Evisceration fan: a rehearsal tape containing seven full recordings from rehearsal sessions during September/October of 1994, after the full-length was released.

Included are two more unreleased tracks, one untitled, and the other "Butchered Magnificence". Both sound more like what you'd expect from Visceral Evisceration, compared to the other rehearsals on this blog, probably due to the fact that these are later recordings, after they settled into their sound. In fact, there is a possibility that those other rehearsals aren't even Visceral Evisceration, although they certainly sound like them, and there's no denying the "Gangling Menstrual Blood-Broth for Supper" rehearsal track.

The first unreleased track is very riff oriented, while the second focuses more on drumming.

But wait, there's more! Also on this tape is an earlier recording of the song "Impassioned Arousal" from the Promo 1995, and an acoustic version of "Chewing Female Genital Parts". They were possibly stoned, although I've been told that they didn't usually smoke at their rehearsals. Regardless, an incredibly interesting take on this classic song.

Closing out the rehearsal are rehearsed versions of the two songs that weren't featured on the 1993 demo Savour of the Seething Meat, and what appears to be their favorite track, "Tender Flesh... on the Bier".

You're welcome.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Embalmed Souls - Six Rites of Possession (2009)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Brazil
Year: 2009

1. Infection to the Holy Temple
2. Wings of Abomination
3. Circle of Utopia
4. Bury Your Faith
5. Priest of Divine Illusion
6. Purified by Hungry Vermins
7. Dawn of Agony
8. Battle Against Celestial Slaves
9. Forget the Commandments
10. Under the Sign of Ressurrection
11. Revelations in the Darkness

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Released just a few months ago, Paulo from Embalmed Souls noticed that I had featured the band's other demos on this blog, and was kind enough to send me a copy of their latest demo "Six Rites of Possession" as a form of promotion. This is going to be a "megapost" in that I'll not only review and post the demo, but I will also upload pictures and inserts that came with the release, as well as flyers and other paraphernalia that was sent to me. I highly recommend that you all get into contact with Paulo (who manages the band's email and mail), as he is a very nice guy and open-minded, willing to trade and talk about music.

I have ripped this in a beautiful 320 kbps, and if you'd like it in any other format, just give me a holler. Included on this demo are not only their newest six songs (tracks 1-6), but also the five tracks from their 2005 demo "The Temple of Bizarre Cult" (tracks 7-11).

All of Embalmed Souls' music is recorded live to, and I quote Paulo, "keep our music nearest to the most natural sound possible". I personally love it this way, as you know there are no funky things going on; just pure, raw Death Metal in the most lively and unadulterated form out there. Very reminiscent of the older days of old school metal and quite the refreshing listen.

Much like their previous releases, Embalmed Souls continue with their dark and arcane style of crushing Death Metal, filled with an overwhelming sense of impending destruction. Very heavy, full-sounding, and fast-paced, Six Rites of Possession doesn't let up once and again I get the feeling (only this band manages it) that I'm being chased through never-ending corridors by some enigma, oozing darkness and doom. The vocals are dirty gutturals, complementing the music perfectly. Evil prevails over all other atmospheric elements presented here. Gravely riffs saturate the release, and Embalmed Souls continue with yet another brilliantly impressive demo to keep Death Metal alive. If only others would follow in the footsteps left behind by these guys, the future of metal would be a much brighter and promising place. If only...

Alright, here are some scans of artwork and other miscellanea I have acquired.

Back cover

Front of the insert

Back of the insert

Flyer for Six Rites of Possession

Flyer for demo The Temple of Bizarre Cult

Flyer for the "Live at Art Underground" DVD

Order demos and arrange trades:

Embalmed Souls
Caixa Postal 8062
Sudoeste Brasília-DF


Please keep in mind that Paulo and Embalmed Souls are very understanding and open to negotiations. So if you're interested in acquiring some of this material, don't hesitate to contact Paulo at the email addresses provided and work out a price or even a trade. They're not about the money, it's all about spreading the music they love to make and keeping metal alive the best they can.

So please, support this band by giving their music a shot, listening, and enjoying it!

You can find links to all their other demos that I posted here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Decerebration - My Inner Impurity (1995)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Canada
Year: 1995

1. Blood Shed
2. Virtual Brutality
3. Vengenceful Divinities
4. Rejected into Suicide
5. And She's no More
6. Stolen Conscience

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Straight out of the frozen tundra that is Canada comes some very intense Death Metal. I wouldn't quite call it Brutal DM, but there are elements such as the grunted vocals that add to this demo's ass-kicking brutality. Everything is out in full force on this demo: the drums, vocals, and guitars. Very fast-paced, the drummer does an excellent job of keeping up with the music, supplying copious blast beats and just impressive drumming overall. You can tell this guy knows what he's doing. But the highlight is definitely the riffing and the guitars. Fast, pummeling riffs (not thrashy) pulverize the listener, repeatedly jabbing deeper and deeper until nothing's left, systematically tearing down any barrier that the listener has braced himself with. Recommended.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anathemized - Disdain (1994)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland
Year: 1994

1. Gates of Light
2. Beyond
3. An Old Wise Man
4. Clouds of Pride
5. Anathemized
6. My Temple
7. Religious Insanity
8. Inremembrance

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More Death Metal from Poland! Obscure band, only released a few demos, and if anybody has anything else from Anathemized, please share!

A fairly heavy, satisfying slab of dirty Death Metal, this is sure to please any fan of OSDM. Slow, murky, rumbling riffs are key here, and the production gives the demo a feel that it was recorded underwater in the fog. Very cool, adding to the dark and mysterious atmosphere. Guttural rasps are utilized and blend very smoothly with the music. Nothing about this release is grating in any way and is very easy on the ears. We occasionally hear the bass burst through the muck. Overall a damned fine demo that just sounds good. Recommended.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cremation - Quilquish Septicemia (1989)

Note: Artwork unavailable

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1989

1. The Embalming (Intro)
2. Cremation
3. Quilquish Septicemia
4. Remains of Death
5. Evil Dead (Death cover)
6. The Scattering (Outro)

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I'm constantly digging around for really old school stuff, so when I came across this 1989 hidden gem, I was quite pleased. This was originally recorded as a rehearsal, then sort of half-officially released as a demo. The sound isn't too bad, but, as with most rehearsals, the vocals are really muffled and barely audible. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since they can sometimes be downright pants-shittingly scary, especially when the vocalist really lets loose a primitive shriek like at 3:18 in the song "Cremation" and the beginning of the title track.

Often flirting with Doom, there are slow, ambling sections, but also thrashy paced up-beat parts with lively riffs. Demos like these are my favorite because instrumentation is focused on a lot more, instead of being overpowered with vocals. You're free to bask in the great guitarwork here. Recommended.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Darkseid - The Three Mothers (1996)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Year: 1996

1. The Three Mothers
2. Mater Suspiriorum
3. Mater Lacrimarum
4. Mater Tenebrarum
5. I Tre Iris (Outro)

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Another extremely obscure and rare one-demo band, Darkseid released this "concept demo" in 1996, then disappeared, never to be heard from again. This is an interestingly crafted album, a bit weird at parts, and I'm not quite sure what to think of it, but I'm leaning toward "It's goood". It says so on the demo cover that all the songs are inspired by Dario Argento's Suspiria and Inferno so expect some creepy shit and weird approaches. Probably the most fascinating thing about this album is the guitar tuning. It almost sounds like something that should belong in a Black Metal band, yet plays like Death Metal. Low, guttural vocals saturate the release and create a dark, gloomy atmosphere. Pretty cool demo.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Caducity - Incarnated: The Abhorer's Tale (1992)

Genre: Epic Death Metal
Country: Belgium
Year: 1992

1. Incarnated
2. Human Soul
3. Silvy
4. Red Army Ensemble
5. Dungeons Of Doom
6. Dear God

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Way out from Belgium, Caducity are something different. I rarely use the term "epic" to describe much of anything, but Caducity play a very special brand of Death Metal that can only be described as having that overpowering, mystifying feel that "epic" bands in other genres create. Opening with a spooky and esoteric riff, the demo soon erupts into full-sounding OSDM with a heavy focus on hypnotic and atmospheric riffing. Each riff is carefully planned out and they all flow together seamlessly, making this demo very engaging and easy to appreciate. Definitely not your average, everyday Death Metal, and this demo is where it all began.

Absurd Existence - Silence (1993)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1993

1. Intro/Gates of Nemesis
2. Silence
3. Earth Rape
4. Myself in You
5. Theds
6. Psychopatic phobia

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Hailing from Germany, Absurd Existence play a very melodic and melancholic style of Doom/Death, reminiscent of Visceral Evisceration. I'm not saying they sound anything like VE, but there are those occasional piercing riffs that just make your spine shiver and your mouth salivate. I much prefer the approach on the full-length, mainly because the production is better. For this style of music, clean production is a must, and the muddled feel of "Silence" kinda takes away from the epic feel that you should be experiencing. Also, the vocals are a bit high in the mix, sometimes drowning out the beautiful guitar work. Still, the vocals themselves are fantastic and very raspy, perfect for the doomy goodness encapsulated within them. There are also some more wild higher-pitched growls as well! Great demo, and something different. Look out for their full-length!

Absurd Existence - Angelwings (1994)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1994

1. Sorrow
2. Black Sun
3. Beyond All Beauty
4. Dawn Of Lies
5. ...And We Dream
6. At The Gates Of Nemesis
7. Ode To The Setting Sun
8. Silence
9. Carried By The Wings Of An Angel

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Back again, with their only full-length, entitled "Angelwings", these Germans created one hell of a masterpiece. Even more melodic than their demo (didn't think that was possible), these guys really know how to write riffs and write them well. My ears keep telling me I'm listening to Visceral Evisceration and Rapture, but there are also original elements to the music, making this stand out over those pansy melodeath bands. Still retaining their Doom/Death genre, it feels like the melody is separated from the music itself, which sounds funky, but it actually works very well. There are alternating sections between downtuned riffing and slow, sludgy Death Metal, and also parts that are basically minute long guitar solos, making for some very nice contrast. They have an orgasmic habit of slowing the music down, then speeding it up while turning on the riffing making some sections completely overwhelming in the best way possible. My heart begins to race and I just want MORE! Recommended.