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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Necroccultus - Supreme Occult One...The Underworld Abhorrence (2006)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Mexico
Year: 2006

1. Supreme Occult One (Intro)/In The Darkest Region Of Dead
2. The Underworld Abhorrence

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Credits to KeithM for the find!

Hailing from Mexico, Necroccultus are a new and upcoming band with a hell of a lot of potential. This is just one EP from their already outstanding discography. Drawing influence from acts like Immolation, Necroccultus plays fast and furious evil-sounding Death Metal, with suffocating vocals. Not quite a guttural and a little easier on the ears, but still doesn't falter the least in creating a noisy atmosphere of destruction. Very riff-heavy, focusing on tremolo picking, brace yourself for 13 minutes of ass-kicking!

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  1. this masterpiece of occult death-metal is raw guttural awesome that comes to my mind Toxaemia,Abhorrence(Fin),Crematory(Swe),earlyGrave,earlyTherion,Morbid Angel,Obscurity(Swe)... godly band!