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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Embalmed Souls - Six Rites of Possession (2009)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Brazil
Year: 2009

1. Infection to the Holy Temple
2. Wings of Abomination
3. Circle of Utopia
4. Bury Your Faith
5. Priest of Divine Illusion
6. Purified by Hungry Vermins
7. Dawn of Agony
8. Battle Against Celestial Slaves
9. Forget the Commandments
10. Under the Sign of Ressurrection
11. Revelations in the Darkness

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Released just a few months ago, Paulo from Embalmed Souls noticed that I had featured the band's other demos on this blog, and was kind enough to send me a copy of their latest demo "Six Rites of Possession" as a form of promotion. This is going to be a "megapost" in that I'll not only review and post the demo, but I will also upload pictures and inserts that came with the release, as well as flyers and other paraphernalia that was sent to me. I highly recommend that you all get into contact with Paulo (who manages the band's email and mail), as he is a very nice guy and open-minded, willing to trade and talk about music.

I have ripped this in a beautiful 320 kbps, and if you'd like it in any other format, just give me a holler. Included on this demo are not only their newest six songs (tracks 1-6), but also the five tracks from their 2005 demo "The Temple of Bizarre Cult" (tracks 7-11).

All of Embalmed Souls' music is recorded live to, and I quote Paulo, "keep our music nearest to the most natural sound possible". I personally love it this way, as you know there are no funky things going on; just pure, raw Death Metal in the most lively and unadulterated form out there. Very reminiscent of the older days of old school metal and quite the refreshing listen.

Much like their previous releases, Embalmed Souls continue with their dark and arcane style of crushing Death Metal, filled with an overwhelming sense of impending destruction. Very heavy, full-sounding, and fast-paced, Six Rites of Possession doesn't let up once and again I get the feeling (only this band manages it) that I'm being chased through never-ending corridors by some enigma, oozing darkness and doom. The vocals are dirty gutturals, complementing the music perfectly. Evil prevails over all other atmospheric elements presented here. Gravely riffs saturate the release, and Embalmed Souls continue with yet another brilliantly impressive demo to keep Death Metal alive. If only others would follow in the footsteps left behind by these guys, the future of metal would be a much brighter and promising place. If only...

Alright, here are some scans of artwork and other miscellanea I have acquired.

Back cover

Front of the insert

Back of the insert

Flyer for Six Rites of Possession

Flyer for demo The Temple of Bizarre Cult

Flyer for the "Live at Art Underground" DVD

Order demos and arrange trades:

Embalmed Souls
Caixa Postal 8062
Sudoeste Brasília-DF


Please keep in mind that Paulo and Embalmed Souls are very understanding and open to negotiations. So if you're interested in acquiring some of this material, don't hesitate to contact Paulo at the email addresses provided and work out a price or even a trade. They're not about the money, it's all about spreading the music they love to make and keeping metal alive the best they can.

So please, support this band by giving their music a shot, listening, and enjoying it!

You can find links to all their other demos that I posted here.

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  1. That's definitely a wonderful band, wish more bands to come up with the same state of mind these days, hell that was the real underground of the early days of Metal, Embalmed Souls keep the flame alive proud and with a very own personal approach to Death Metal: doomy, dirty that's how it must be done, hails to them!