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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nocturnal Vomit - Arts Of Tenebrous Superstition (2006)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 2006

1. Intro (Suspiria) - Putrid Grave Mass
2. Temple Of Impurity

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A later offering from Nocturnal Vomit, this is much more put-together and organized release, as opposed to some of their earlier demos. There are effectively only two songs and they are much longer than the usual Nocturnal Vomit song-length. I can feel a strong sense of direction and the "I don't care" attitude is definitely gone and replaced with a fiercer, more productive one. The production has improved and the guitars no longer get lost in the mix, paving the way for some awesome riffing. The vocalist seems to have gotten down his style and it appears they brought in another vocalist at points to do a higher-pitched messier growl. Much better than their previous offerings, grab this!

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