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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sepulchral Death - Praising Death (1986)

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1986

1. Schizophrenic Doom
2. Praising Death
3. Sepulchral Death
4. Capitol Punishment
5. Exaltation Of The Cross
6. Mutual Repugnance

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All credits for the upload of this rare demo go to dea7hrash!


Now here's an oldie! From the heyday of Death Metal, Sepulchral Death (changed name to Usurper) released their only demo, entitled "Praising Death" in 1986. Like most DM back then, this was highly influenced by thrash, and we can see that in the shorter song lengths and quick, furious riffing. The whole demo, consisting of 17 minutes, is set on high-speed through and through, ready to rip you to shreds along the way. The vocals are far back in the mix and more thrashy, but you can hear the death overtones. That "sickening" sort of style. Gives this demo a very dirty/old school feel. The riffing itself is also quite excellent and probably the best riff comes in the last song, "Mutual Repugnance". Absolutely mesmerizing and definitely the best track on the album. So for all fans of Usurper or old old school in general, nab this!

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