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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nocturnal Vomit - Infernal Ascension of the Gods (2003)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 2003

1. Intro (Nocturnal Vomit)
2. The Bell tolls of Apocalypse
3. Winds of Disintegration
4. Iron Goat Warfare Command
5. War Demonic Union
6. Infernal Ascension of the Gods

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Still a relatively unknown band from Greece, despite having released a slew of demos and compilations and EPs and stuff (but no full-length!), Nocturnal Vomit play a down-to-earth style of Death Metal. I guess you could label it as War metal (even though I hate that term) because it has that certain aggressiveness and in-your-face-ness. The riffs are often thrash-based and the drums can be chaotic and wild. The vocals also aren't quite growls, but not yells, either, sort of a mixture of both, which also helps to give this demo that loud "We're gonna kick your ass" vibe!

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