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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dawn of Might - Dawn of Might (2006)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Year: 2006

1. Crawling Away
2. Eternal Trip
3. Roots of our Pain

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Okay, so this might be breaking the rules a bit, as this isn't exactly OSDM but hey, this is my blog so fuck you! I actually opted to throw these guys up here because they're relatively new and seemed to have gained absolutely zero attention thus far. I'm convinced that that's because they're not trying or really half-assing it. I mean, take a look at their Myspace. Only a couple hundred views, two friends (including Tom), no photo, no bio, no other inforamation, and nothing in the music player. Last.fm: one listener (me!) and two plays. Jeepers, these guys really know how to promote their work.

Anyway, I'm here to take that task off their hands. Yay! Dawn of Might! This really isn't half bad, but pretty much nothing like the rest of the stuff on this blog. You'll notice that after the quick ambient intro, we're hit hard with... a melodeath riff. Happy, and full of life, like a giddy schoolboy skipping down the hallway. Okay, so it's not that bad, I was just feeling a creative writing spurt (which is odd, considering it's 4 in the morning here, and quite evident by the fact that I'm incoherently rambling). Ahem, I'm hoping you're all enjoying this as much as I am.

Relatively slow-paced, and seemingly sticking with the same basic riffing style all the way through, this demo sounds like it would plod on without end, but I managed to make it through in one go. An enjoyable listen, and nothing too straining on the ol' ears!

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