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Friday, August 21, 2009

Abysm - Demo 2007 (2007)

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Canada
Year: 2007

1. Self Indulgence
2. Suffer
3. Reek of a Scene

Download at Mediafire
Metal Archives Rating: 77% (1 review)


Abysm was a small trio coming out of Ottawa, Canada, and only managed to release this singular recording, limited to 10 copies, before splitting up on Christmas of '08.

They play a rather violent type of Death/Thrash with somewhat melodeathy vocals. Don't be put off by that, though, as this is some of the most furious and downright destructive deathrash out there. The riffing is through the roof completely, and in each of the three songs, we're hit with simple, but catchy hooks and leads, making for a very enjoyable demo. Short, under 10 minutes and consisting of three songs, there are plenty of blast beats to be heard, and you can tell that not a single member of this young band is slouching; they're all doing their part to make this very professional-sounding demo. The band also graciously allows for their music to be spread for free, so don't feel guilty about downloading this demo! Turns out I actually met they guy before this demo was released, and have been following him for a while, and kept pestering him about recording more, but unfortunately, shit happened, and they split up. Bummer; they were going places.

Not bad for a bunch of 16 year-olds! Not bad at all.

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