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Friday, August 21, 2009

Lavra - Bluenothing (1994)

Genre: Doom/Dark/Experimental Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 1994

1. Strange Lands
2. To Elide Something
3. Yesterday It Was Silent
4. From the Suction of Blue
5. E Minor
6. Never

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Fans of Sceptical Schizo will immediately leap out of their seats at the sight of Lavra's name. The once tough and robust Death/Doom band took a sharp turn with their self-titled EP, and the following Plight EP, getting rid of the harsh vocals completely, and playing a more heartfelt, melodic, and depressive form of Doom Metal. It still had that classic Schizo bite, though.

However, with the name change came a massive style change. If you were to simply listen to this music, there is no way that you could tell Sceptical Schizo and Lavra were the same band. Hell, just look at the band picture from the two eras. They look totally badass in their early days, and complete faggots as Lavra (gee, I hope the band doesn't see this!)

BUT, that's not to say this is a bad album, just different; in fact, I find Bluenothing very enjoyable. Seems the band had some sort of fixation on the color blue, most likely to depict sadness, and that's what they do, quite well, I might add. This is very melancholic, sometimes bordering on depressive rock, incorporating gothic and dark elements as well making this a very miserable sounding album; bleak and oppressive. I'm frightened to imagine another album by these guys, as I don't know how much more sad you could make it. Definitely not something to listen to after a break-up or on a sunny day. Well, if you want to completely immerse yourself in pity, dejection, despondency, anguish, etc. then go for it. The vocals are almost spoken and take on this very esoteric quality, echoing in the background, and neat little effects appear to make the vocals sound as one with the wind, like they're nonchalantly floating by, fully embracing the "grey whatever" vibe they're giving off.

All in all, phenomenal album, and highly recommended. Just don't go in expecting Sceptical Schizo!


  1. Considering how much I like Sceptical Schizo, I can't believe I waited so long to listen to Lavra. AWESOME album! Can't stop listening to it. The guitars in the song "Yesterday It Was Silent" are perfect. Love it! Thanks Adam!

  2. Hello, could you please re-upload this album? Thanks a lot!!

  3. I'm an idiot, the link was working fine... Sorry! And thanks!