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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

As I Lay Dying (Aut) - Promo 1995 (Proper Rip) (1995)

IMPORTANT: This is the PROPER RIP of the promo. There is another rip floating around, but it is sped up, distorting the sound.

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Austria
Year: 1995

1. Impassioned Arousal
2. Magnificence
3. Welter in Carnal Lust

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Yeah, I know I just posted this, like, one post ago, but this is the proper rip of this recording. If you're as observant as I am, you'll have noticed that on the Metal Archives, the songs are listed with different lengths, well the upload here is the correct one. In addition to longer songs, the production is much fuller and heavier, unlike the other, which seemed to have that tinny sound. This copy is much more similar to Visceral Evisceration's full-length, which means it is that much more enjoyable!


  1. melodic doom, where??? lol

  2. Hey, that's just what they're labeled as on the Metal Archives.

    They're obviously doom-influenced and the guitars are more melodic than standard doom.

  3. This file has also been deleted.

    The only version I can find is the "sped up" version. I would like the proper rip if you still have it. Please, oh please reupload it if you can. Thanks!

  4. Don't worry, I gotcha! Link updated.

  5. SWEET. THANKS. They are different after all. This one lasts longer--more to enjoy.