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Monday, August 24, 2009

Butchery - Demo II (1992)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1992

1. The Last Supper
2. Scrotal Amputation
3. Blasphemous Butchery
4. Baptised In Excrement

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Butchery are back at it again, with their second demo, and definitely heading down the road of Death Metal. The songs are more developed here, and about twice as long on average, allowing for some more room to push boundaries and stuff. The first thing I noticed is that they went a little overboard with production and overproduced the demo so much that it seems like the vocals, guitars, and drums are all collapsing in on each other, mushing into one globby mess. Not a bad thing, though. It give the release a much fuller/satisfying sound, and with every breath, I can actually feel the DM in my lungs. Awesome. The vocals are similar to the previous release, but seemingly less throaty and more along the lines of yelling than inaudible growling. Still unable to hear what the guy's saying, but the vocals definitely seem much more lively and entertaining. Riffing is cool, and works well with the solos, each complementing the other and working off each other to produce neat effects, keeping the song progressing forward. Nicely done.

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