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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burial - Relinquished Souls (1993)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1993

1. The Second Coming
2. Failure of Technology
3. Traumatized
4. No Existence
5. Abhorence Within
6. Frigid Cold
7. Inner Hostility
8. Untimely Demise
9. Pitiful God

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Metal Archives Rating: 90% (1 review)


A continuation in ferocity, Burial keep up the assault with Relinquished Souls. A slightly more polished release; and that's saying a lot, considering how fresh-sounding their demo was. Overproduced a bit to give it that suffocating feel, with all the instruments blending as one to form a giant mass of death and destruction. The riffs actually seem better on this release, in that they're just as fast, but adding a certain amount of technicality and innovation to make them truly memorable. Solos are still present in full force and used on nearly every single song to great affect. Often utilized in short bursts to back up the vocals or riffing, adding to the atmosphere. Cool stuff, and a great hidden gem. Recommended.


  1. Good, now I don't have to post this on the Blogtopus. Cheers! =]

  2. this is like a mix of Massacre and Death's Leprosy... but a great record anyway.

  3. Links are dead, re-upload plz, thx :)

  4. Album is re-released on Memento Mori on april 2012. So buy the album, instead of downloading it, people!

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