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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Agretator - Delusions (1994)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1994

1. Prophecy
2. Critical Dimensions
3. Bustering Madness
4. An Infirm Soul
5. Pointless Objection
6. Merciless Living
7. Human Decay
8. Internal Severity
9. Pictures

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Predecessor to Darkane, Agretator started out with a full-length right off the bat, Delusions. Although, to be fair, they were originally named Demise and released a few demos before. Regardless, because this material is coming from, for all intents and purposes, Darkane, you can expect it to be of the utmost quality. They don't quite have that thrash/melodeath feel that Darkane does, which is a good thing. Just raw, down and dirty Death Metal. The vocals are a bit unique and differ ever so slightly from your traditional standards of Death Metal. They seem to have a raspy, more melodic feel, and sometimes I get the impression the guy's a robot. Pretty cool, really. Mostly mid to fast-paced, this is a solid record and must-have to see where Darkane started out!

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