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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pestigore - Rehearsal/Demo 1991 (1991)

Note: Artwork unavailable

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 1991

1. Swamp of the Holy Rot
2. The Incursion of Chaos

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Pestigore was an obscure little band coming out of Finland and never gained popularity, probably due to never making it out of the demo stages. However, they have achieved a cult following in the underground and are widely hailed as one of the finest in old school Death Metal.

Here was the very first release Pestigore ever recorded, a sort of rehearsal and a demo thrown together. First, let me clarify a few things. There is a download floating around on blogs and stuff that is supposedly the 1992 promo. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. What you all downloaded is actually this rehearsal/demo. Somebody got mixed up somewhere along the way and mislabeled their upload. For proof, look at the song lengths on MA and note how they do not match up with the download some of you may have. But fear not, I am going to post Pestigore's entire discography, correctly tagged and everything for your organizational convenience.

That said, this demo is actually quite good. Excellent riffs and muddy production that really brings out the destruction behind this music. Vocals are growled gutturals, barely understandable, if at all, but giving the demo that demonic vibe. Definitely get this.

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