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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paroxia - Paroxia (1992-1994)

No Artwork

Genre: Old School Death Metal
Country: Bulgaria
Year: Unknown

1. Vechen Ad
2. Nenormalnost
3. Degradiral Zakon

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Credits to entity over at Pile of Remains for this hidden gem.

I am particularly fascinated with this demo, because absolutely zero information exists about this band anywhere on the internet. They are not in the Metal Archives, don't have a Myspace page, I created their Last.fm page, and their name isn't so much as even mentioned anywhere at all, except for this blog and entity's. Hell, I don't even know the title to this demo or what year it was released in. All we know is that a band named Paroxia released these three tracks, and that's it. Nothing else. Very mysterious.

Anyway, onto the music. For being so unheard of, this music is actually quite good. The main style is rather chunky with a decent amount of speed and ferocity in both the instrumentation and the vocals. The guitars are lively with solos and choppy riffs, along with what seems to be some jazz influence thrown in there for good measure. A very energetic piece of music, and I certainly hope to, at the very least, discover more information about Paroxia!


  1. Interesting demo! I'm always after very obscure (& at the same time quality) stuff, thanx for sharing! By the way, very cool blog - lots of heavy gems here!!

  2. The band is from Bulgaria

  3. i forgot to mantion its from somewhere 1992-1994, not sure about the city. the song translations are something like:

    1. Eternal Hell
    2. Anomalia
    3. Degrade Law

  4. Thanks for the info and song translations, medarov. I figured it had that old school style and was from the early 90s.

  5. please help find infestus unnatural legacy demo and post it

  6. The band is from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. This demo is from 1990. The band members names are Ivan-vocals, Martin- solo guitar, Krasimir- guitar, Miloslav- bass, Itzo- drums

    1. sorry, the demo is from 1992

    2. Thank you! Do you have any other info such as demo name or artwork? Or perhaps other releases or contact info for the band?