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Monday, August 3, 2009

Antropomorphia - Bowel Mutilation (1992)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1992

1. Intro
2. Bowel Mutilation
3. Splattered Remains
4. Rotted Flesh
5. The Carnal Pit

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Antropomorphia were an old school DM band from way back in the day, having formed in 1989. They only released a couple of recordings, two of which I'm going to post here. The first up is Bowel Mutilation, their debut demo. The Intro track opens up with a full-out band playing some epic, symphonic music. Right off the bat, you know this is going to be something interesting. Sure enough, these guys deliver with crushing mid to fast-paced Death Metal. Stuff is fairly heavy and the vocals are deep, inaudible gutturals. The occasional solo breaks out, and I mean breaks out. It's almost as if the music is struggling to contain the solo until it just blows everything wide open. Makes for an interesting effect. The production is a bit iffy here, and I often notice slight changes in sound, sometimes with the music shifting in intensity from one ear to the other. A minor issue, this is still a great start.


  1. hi, hope you can re up this again! thank you

  2. Thanks, brother. It was impossible to find it in the web.