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Monday, August 10, 2009

Goddefied - Abysmal Grief (1993)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1993

1. Blaspheme In Blood
2. Zephaniah Dwells
3. Abysmal Grief
4. Spiritually Deceased
5. Left To Die
6. Inhumation of Shreds

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Metal Archives Rating: 80% (1 review)


"Like an Ever Flowing Left Hand Path"

That is the title of the review on MA by foodified and I can't agree more. This is probably one of the most blatant rip-offs ever, especially when it comes to stealing Entombed's material. Hell, just listen to "Left to Die" then listen to Entombed's "Blessed Be". Cover? Naw, original material. Supposedly. Yeah right. Regardless of all this copying, this really isn't a half bad EP. Who cares if they ripped off a band? As long as they didn't become rich or famous because of it, we're just left with another piece of worship that is actually done quite nicely. Everybody loves Entombed, so you'll love Goddefied as well.

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