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Friday, August 7, 2009

Sepulchral - Internal Decomposition (1991)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Year: 1991

1. Rigor Mortis
2. Putrefying Mass
3. Internal Decomposition

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Don't know where I dug this gem up, but I'm glad I did. Starting with your classic growling ambient intro, this demo builds up in a very professional manner. I was most impressed by the riffs on this demo, often venturing into the doomy side of things, then erupting into furious, evil Death Metal at its finest. The riffs aren't anything fancy, but that's not the point of old school metal- it's all about the heart and feeling behind the riffs, and these guys certainly know how to create a great (epic) atmosphere with their riffing. Plodding along, you'll find yourself slowly headbanging in unison with them. Great writing. The whole album has that larger-than-life feel.

There are really three distinct types of vocals, some used more than others. The most prominent is the standard death growl, done very nicely. There are also two other types; the nearly-silent "I have a cold" rasp that you can find on Cartilage's Encapsulated Rehearsal and another Demilich-esque vocal style that you won't hear until the last track. Not quite as "froggy" as Demilich, but the same effect is still there. Recommended!

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  1. Ada pls reupload this demo !
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