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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enigmatic - Two Days of April (1993)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1993

1. The Tabular Bells Symphony
2. Fear of the Dead
3. The Master of Dreams
4. Dishonest Belief

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Some relatively obscure Death/Doom from Sweden, this band managed to release two EPs and a demo. Unfortunately, I'm only able post this, their first EP, but I should be able to procure the demo some time in the future. As for the last release, The Tranquilled Icy Water, I have no leads whatsoever. So if a reader has that EP, kindly send it to me!

On to the music. Quality Death/Doom with the occasional grinding part, illustrated by fast double bass and quick drumming, then collapsing back into slow, unwavering doomy goodness. An interesting aspect behind this album is the vocal style. It's your typical death grunt/guttural, but with a twist. This EP was obviously edited heavily, as it seems like the growls sort of overlap into each other, giving this a very fluid sound. It seems like the vocalist is pulling off some amazing feat where he growls for minutes on end. Cool stuff, and reminds me slightly of early Incantation. Killer music and definitely worth a download.


  1. Sweet! I have been looking for this one for a long time! I remember when i got this in 1993. Somehow imanaged to sell the cd because i was broke (was only 15 years old at the time). Lot's of memories!

    Anonymous from Sweden

  2. Please re-post :)

  3. The vocals was recorded on two tracks and the singer sang every second frase on each take. No editing was made, it was recorded on a 16 analouge tape machine. It was named "Two Days of April" simply because it was recorded two days in April.

    A guy from the band