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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abhoth - Rehearsal 1990 (1990)

Note: Artwork unavailable

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1990

1. Soul Plague
2. God Macabre

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Because I'm a completist and love to obtain full discographies from bands, I finally managed to hunt down this lost Abhoth rehearsal. Note that this is ridiculously rare and you will NOT find it anywhere else.

Recorded on January 11th, 1990, this is the second rendition of Abhoth's previous 1989 rehearsal, which was instrumental. Vocals have been included in this one. You can tell these guys definitely improved far beyond their previous abomination of a demo "A Matter of Splatter". Present there were short song lengths, and underdeveloped songs. Abhoth show a much greater maturity with this rehearsal. The songs are much longer (5 and 3 minutes) and show an actual attempt at song structure, not just mindless riffs being thrown around. Definitely the turning point for this band. Vocals are a bit hardcore-ish, but not much and the riffs are actually catchy and creative, with the occasional solo thrown in here and there. Nice stuff!

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