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Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm pleased to announce that I will be initiating a blog of my own, with the purpose being to promote and make known the more obscure bands out there of a variety of different genres.

All too often, I have an awful time trying to track down rare releases, and once I do, I find that the tags are a hopeless mess, and it seems like the original uploader did everything in his power to completely screw up track names, numbers, genres, etc. so my goal for this blog is to provide you all with a concise and well-organized archive of those hard-to-find bands, all with easy access via the file-sharing site Mediafire.

As previously mentioned, I will be dabbling in any genre I'm into at the time, but for now, I will be focusing mainly on Death/Doom and Old School Death Metal, with the occasional Black Metal album thrown in there.

I will do my best to host demos, EPs, splits, compilations, LPs, whatever, often posting a band's entire discography (which might just be one or two demos), so you can rest assured that if you've been doing some obscure digging lately, if you come across one of the bands here, you'll find a large portion (if not all) of a band's work. Just keep in mind, that if I post a more well-known band or one with an especially prolific discography, it'll probably just be an album or two, because I don't want to waste my time uploading and reviewing 20 releases at a time!

In addition to the lesser-known acts, I will also be throwing in a few of my favorite 10/10 albums here and there for good measure. Remain on the lookout!

EDIT: The blog's gained popularity as an obscure old school death and death/doom site, so anything contradicting that above can be thrown out. :)

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