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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drowned - Viscera Terrae (2007)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 2007

1. Embrace The Beast
2. Key To The Lunar Waters
3. Abyssic Dead, They Sing For Me
4. Viscera Terræ

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Metal Archives Rating: 90% (1 review)


Featuring the vocalist from Necros Christos, this band has made quite a splash with their latest demo/EP offering. They play down-and-dirty old school Death Metal, uncompromising, the way it's supposed to be played. As previously mentioned, the guy from Necros Christos grunts on this record, and if you've ever listened to NC, you know how evil-sounding this guy can be, which goes so far as to give this album a bit of a Black Metal feel to it, as I can see the similarities to NC here and there.

Tuned very low, this release has great tone and feel to it, while still being very clear in that no instruments are left out. At points, it can seem too simple, but there's nothing wrong with that if they do it right (which they do). This is your basic DM, nothing weird or experimental, no egomaniacal wankery or technicality, just gritty Death Metal. A fine release.

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