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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dark Millennium - Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be (1992)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1992

1. Spiritual
2. Wizardry Assemblage
3. Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be
4. Medina's Spell (Valley of the Seventh Mystique)
5. Below the Holy Fatherlands

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First off, thanks to Valan_SDM for the upload of this demo.

This is the only Dark Millennium release with a different vocalist. Unlike Christian Mertens, Torsten Gilsbach's growls are much deeper and more what you'd expect from an old school DM line-up. A lot of these songs are from Ashore the Celestial Burden, except for the title track. The demo itself is much less melodic and that can definitely be attributed to the new vocalist. Instead, what we have is a much rawer, heavier and dirtier sound, completely different from all of Dark Millennium's other work. Sounds like a completely different band! Like I said before, the production is crunchier and the instruments stand out from each other more.

A very exciting demo and just as great, if not better, than Ashore the Celestial Burden!


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  1. Thanks for this great demo a lot!