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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crimson Relic - Purgatory's Reign (1996)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1996

1. Thane Of Torchless Night
2. Innocence Lost
3. Crimson Relic
4. The Lust Primeval
5. In Dismal Bliss
6. The Solemn And The Wicked
7. Descent Of The Blackshroud
8. Essence Of Dawn
9. Velvet Of The Godless
10. Prince Of Midnight

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Metal Archives Rating: 97% (1 review)


Formerly known as Divine Eve, Crimson Relic unloaded "Purgatory's Reign" on the world in 1996 and it has gone down in history as a pinnacle of not only American Death Metal, but Death Metal as a whole. This is a truly masterful album. Very heavy and crushing, morbid riffs saturate this release and fills it with an atmosphere of desolation and dooooom. Each and every song is carefully crafted into unique, individual mini-masterpieces, all coming together to form one of the greatest Death Metal albums of all time. Vocals sink back a little bit, but I'm perfectly fine with that, since I'm more concerned with the plodding music, than vocal strength, but I will say that no matter how this is mixed, it still blends together beautifully. A lost gem that will never be forgotten. The only problem is that not enough people know about this... Recommended.

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