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Friday, July 31, 2009

Renaissance - The Death of Art (1994)

Genre: Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Country: Belgium
Year: 1994

1. The Death of Art
2. Archway

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Only two songs on this album, yet it spans over 70 minutes long. The first is 40 minutes, while the second is 30. I'll break this review up to describe each song, as they are very different from each other.

I would say that the first song, "The Death Of Art" is strictly Progressive Metal, in that there are no harsh vocals, only clean. The vocalist doesn't necessarily sing, at least not melodically. It's more of a fiercer type of singing. See for yourself. This is an incredibly varied song, a strange one in itself, what with all the tempo/time signature changes. It never gets boring because the band doesn't stick with one type of riff or melody, but instead do pretty much whatever the hell they want. "The Death of Art" is very free-sounding and a marvelous progressive epic.

The second song, "Archway" is an entirely different entity. Many of you may be wondering where the Death Metal is, well look no further. Much darker and heavier, it seems like an entirely different band playing on this track. The traditional death grunts are used in full force. The bass is quite prominent in the mix, sometimes giving the song a jazzy feel. Keeping in the Renaissance fashion, you can rest assured that this is also progressively... well, progressive. Sometimes rather weird, but overall a beautifully complex composition that would do well in anybody's library.



  1. Big thanks for this one! I've been meaning and wanting to hear this for almost 16 years now but never seemed to get around to it. About time to fix that!

  2. I have an original, battered copy of this album. It's a trip - their style is like a hodgepodge of influences - from hardrock to death metal, from jazz to classical - but somehow it works: these guys were like a genre on their own, and way ahead of their time.

  3. Man, finally I got my ears on this music again!!! I used to have a friend who had this on tape, but then I never saw him again and I searched this over the years on music stores and the web(like Velkaarn said, about 16 years!!!)and never found anything until now :))))) The Death of Art's composition could definitely be the soundtrack to a whole underground thriller movie, it's so intense! Just love it, and for the fact that i've found it and heard it again, just makes it even more greatful :) Thanks so much! Cheers!!!

  4. Greetings!

    I'd love to get to listen to this albums... all these positive comments are making me feel even more anxious, haha!
    Could you re-upload this one? Please? I beg you! Many thanks in advance!

  5. Actually the second song is not really a song. It's their 3 track demo "Archway" from 1992 that for some reason is included in a single track instead of separate ones.
    These are the songs on the demo:
    1. Industrial 09:10
    2. Windows 07:33
    3. Tired Blood / Vaudeville 12:56