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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Abhoth - A Matter of Splatter (1989)

Note: Artwork unavailable

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1989

1. Intro
2. Reduced to a Pulp
3. Liquified Skeleton
4. Fatal Inversion
5. Protained Existence
6. Evisceration

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Metal Archives Rating: 49% (1 review)


I know you saw the little 49% there, but please let me describe why that is. It's not that this is a bad demo, the problem lies in that it's incredibly underdeveloped. I mean, the intro is longer than half the songs! There is a blatant disregard for song structure here and this almost sounds like it could be grindcore. There are only a few riffs in each song, maybe a quick solo and then BAM next song. Production is kinda awful (although not as bad as some other stuff on this blog), and the vocals are okay. Sometimes you'll get this odd clean singing, while there will be this strange gibberish growling at others. It seems like they just half-assed this one because later demos are so much better!

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