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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cosmic Atrophy - Codex Incubo (2008)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Year: 2008

1. Prelude to Phantasmagoria
2. Consumed from Within the X-Zone
3. Shattering of Terrestrial Reality (Invasion of Aberration)
4. Cydonic Adulations
5. Doomed by the Cancer Domus
6. The Granfalloon
7. Adrift in the Lifeless Sea of Black

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Metal Archives Rating: 92% (3 reviews)


Oh boy, where to start... Obviously influenced by Demilich, Cosmic Atrophy play a more modern style of Death Metal, with touches of technicality and old school obliteration. A very impressive album, both technically and structurally. I'm reminded all too much of Timeghoul in that "Codex Incubo" exudes a certain mystique and spacey sound. I can hear the Lovecraft and sci-fi not only through the vocals, but through the music itself. Full of shining guitar leads and an abundance of riffs, this is a very enjoyable listen. Each song is quite unique and, I've got to mention it again, brimming with riffs. The riffs are spectacular and inventive, further adding to the solidity of such a promising debut. Recommended!

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