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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Judgement Day - Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion Of The Mar-Tyr (1995)

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1995

1. Horror Pain
2. Daily Rituals
3. The Old Tree
4. Sexual Intercourse
5. Invincible Downfall
6. Clouds of Mordor
7. Pathology of Crowding

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I was just going to upload this to get it out there, but upon listening, I found that this is actually a surprisingly good hunk of Death/Thrash! Sheer aggression is what Judgement Day is all about, and they do it well. There are numerous blast beats and sharp, penetrating riffs all throughout this record. The drums are a highlight; they seem to be louder in the mix, and that's not a bad thing, considering how masterfully played they are. Tremolo picking is another staple, and some of the razor riffs almost seem like tame guitar solos. Intricate stuff. Also, out of nowhere came these female clean vocals. I was stunned, but also pleasantly surprised. They fit well and made for a nice break in the aggression. Great album, recommended!

Also, this album seems to slow down as it progresses, and the second half is way better than the first. Brilliant riffing. The last few songs are utterly mind-blowing. This is fantastic metal.


  1. I'm really digging this album. Thanks for the upload!

  2. Amazing stuff. Finally listened to it! Thanx a lot.