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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revokation - Reincarnated Souls of Hell (1999)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1999

1. The Old One's Abbey
2. Sacrilegious Copulation
3. Angel's Bane
4. Reincarnated Souls of Hell

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The moment you start up the first track, you're gonna fall for this. "The Old One's Abbey" starts will a refreshing and atmospheric riff that paves the way for the rest of the demo. It seems many bands have forgotten the art of the riff, but not these guys. Revokation know how to craft one hell of a riff and deliver song after song for your listening pleasure. A very furious-paced record, with riffs slicing at you every step of the way, sure to satisfy any fan of riff-tastic old school Death Metal.

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