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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creepmime - Shadows (1993)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1993

1. The Fruits of Ill Virtue
2. A Serenade for the Tragic
3. Suffer the Shadows
4. The Way of All Flesh
5. Chinese Whispers
6. Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten
7. Gather the Shattered
8. My Soul Flayed Bare

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This is really cool! In a lot of ways this sorta reminds me of Bloobath. But way better. Probably the most outstanding aspect of Creepmime is the vocalist's ability to growl and grunt, but also make it sound like he's singing. There's a lot of melody in how he sings and it's always very interesting to hear growls sound melodic (not like melodeath). This is especially present in the first track. Also, the riffs are quite good and seemingly inventive, probably because this band demonstrates hints of technicality in their music. Neat, but their other album is even better!

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  1. This is great stuff! Thank you for posting and sharing! The rest of your blog is also good, btw :) I will take a look at the other posts besides Creepmime for sure.