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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Excoriate - On Pestilent Winds... (2009)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 2009

1. Voice Of Damnation
2. On Pestilent Winds
3. From Morbid Ruins
4. Mayhem (Sepultura Cover)
5. Poisoned By Darkness
6. Bestial Slaughter
7. Demons Rush

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This is really fucking intense. So this isn't exactly old school per se, but their sound is often compared to older Sepultura and Asphyx, which is pretty badass. The band released a slew of demos, and finally got around to recording this album in 2006, releasing it in 2009.

The first thing that struck me with this particular record was the ferocity. Most old school DM sort of lumbers along, but this is a full-out sprint. The title track, which is also the first real song, is completely unrelenting, razor sharp riffs and maddening drums constantly pounding away for six straight minutes. I actually said "Whoa" to myself the first time I gave this a spin. Incredibly frantic and a fun listen.