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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Altar/Cartilage - Ex Oblivione/The Fragile Concept of Affection Split (1992)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden/Finland
Year: 1992


1. Nothing Human
2. Lifeless Passion
3. Decapitated (New Version)
4. Daymare/A Message from the Grave
5. Ex Oblivione


6. The Underworld
7. Afterlife Sorrow (Infernal Paradise II)
8. Why Do I Watch the Dawn?
9. Consanguine to Understanding
10. Blessing in Depth

Download at Mediafire


Mindblowing. One of the best splits I have ever heard. Both Altar and Cartilage are incredible old school Death Metal bands in a league of their own. Riffs are king here, and each and every song is loaded to the brim with infectiously catchy and compelling tidbits of guitarist ingenuity. Great atmosphere as well. A must-have and comes recommended all the way. Grab this if you're a fan of Death Metal. Period.

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