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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cartilage - In Godly Flesh (1991)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 1991

1. Intro/Carnival of Souls
2. The Altar
3. To your Scattered Bodies Go
4. Infernal Paradise...The Journey

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It's really a shame that these guys didn't produce any more material. This demo, combined with their split with Altar makes for some of my all-time favorite Death Metal. Very forceful riffs can be found on this demo, along with commanding vocals and general, all-around filthy old school DM. It's perfect. If I had to choose one element that was the best, it would be the guitar work by far. The riffs are insanely catchy, sometimes bordering on melancholic, while at other times a swirling void of madness. A truly innovative piece of Death Metal.

One of the worst things to happen to Death Metal was these guys not hanging around long enough to let loose a full-length. Brilliant and highly recommended!

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