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Monday, July 27, 2009

Doom Snake Cult - Love Sorrow Doom (1992)

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1992

1. Carnival Freak Show
2. Doom
3. Sorrow
4. Love
5. Enchanted Cerebral Forest
6. Frozen Doll Land
7. Tribal Seance
8. Fertlity Rite

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Wow. It's not often I come across seriously high quality Doom/Death, and "Love Sorrow Doom" might just be one of the best in the genre. Former vocalist Ace Still of Goatlord (US) fame does the growls on this record and it is as strong a performance as ever! Not your usual Death/Doom vocals, Ace has a much more full-sounding raspy style, and you can literally feel the doom seeping deep inside your soul. Every word out of his mouth permeates everything, like a doomy, sinister fog creeping, just waiting for the opportune moment to suck you up!

And that's just the vocals. The production on this album is slightly overproduced and quite clear. The guitars sound bloated and atmospheric, blending remarkably well with the vocals, in that they both exude the same qualities. They way this album fits together so snugly is incredibly. The drums are consistent and sometimes can be heard "behind" the music, adding to the impending doooom. Love Sorrow Doom focuses more on the Doom side of things, than Death Metal, so you can expect slow, rhythmic riffs all the way. It's amazing that this band isn't receiving more recognition, even now. Obviously comes recommended with 5 stars.

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