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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Purtenance - Member of Immortal Damnation (1992)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 1992

1. Intro
2. Black Vision
3. Deep Blue Darkness
4. Lacus Somniorum
5. The Lost Memories
6. A Dark Cloud Arises
7. In the Misty Morning
8. Reality isn't Disappeared
9. Misery of the Rebirth
10. Crown Waits the Immortal
11. John.3.16

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Metal Archives Rating: 90% (2 reviews)


A Finnish classic and the only full-length of Purtenance, they left their mark in the Death Metal world. What we have here is a very intricate and well-structured release. Most DM records tend to meld together into one long mushy song, but not Purtenance. You'll never hear the same thing two songs in a row, as they alternate quite a bit between straight-up, ferocious Death Metal and slower, plodding, doomy parts interlaced here and there. The vocals are nothing to sneeze at and are the deepest of the deep, very sinister sounding. The production is also pretty cool and meshes well with the buzzsaw guitars. Overall, a very wonderfully fluent and interesting release.

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