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Friday, July 31, 2009

Darkified - A Dance on the Grave (1995)

Genre: Death/Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 1995

1. Intro
2. Howlings From The Darkness
3. A Summond For The Nameless Horrors
4. The Forgotten City
5. Outro - Out From The Darkness
6. Sleep Forever...
7. The Forgotten City (1992 Version)
8. The Whisperer In The Darkness

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What the hell is an old school Death Metal blog without the legendary Darkified? Well, here you are; Darkified's 1995 compilation that contains both their Dark demo and Sleep Forever EP. Classic Swedish Blackened Death Metal with killer riffs all the way. The chainsaw guitars are ripping through this release, as per usual Swedish standards and the vocals are top-notch. There are several styles used, from death grunts to shrieking black metal cries of agony to gurgling chaos in vocal form. There are also some clean vocals done very well to fit with the general atmosphere of the music. There are also keyboards laced into the background of a few of the songs, especially in the back half. All in all, a remarkable effort. The definition of "hidden gem". Recommended.



  2. Yes! I have the 7'EP! And a track from a compilation!

    Darkified were total masters!

    I salute them!

  3. Muchas gracias, desde Mexico gracias por tener aun el blog al uso y compartir el material de antaño !!