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Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, shit. I'm back. Hopefully to stay!

First things first, just wanted to apologize to all those who read and enjoy this blog, only to find that I disappeared off the face of the e-earth without any warning or notification.

Then again, I don't even really have to apologize to you fuckers, since this is the internet!

Ahem, but seriously, just had a few things to take care of, some shit to straighten out, and now I am going to make a conscious effort to continue this blog. I'm a bit out of the underground (hell, music in general) loop so forgive me until I get caught back up to speed. Studying Engineering certainly takes a toll on hobbies and entertainment, but I've really missed music and can think of no better way to get back into it than kick-starting one of my proudest internet feats. Haha, like internet fame means anything.

See you all in the warmer side of Hell.


  1. Welcome back! I still had this blog in my RSS-reader in hopes of a brighter (or darker, however you want to see it) future. Good to see that you are back!

  2. It's good to see this post. Don't forget to follow up!

  3. That's great news.Blog is really helpful so please stay. B.M Nairobi Kenya.

  4. I was surprised to see new stuff from here in my RSS-reader! Surprised, and very pleased.

  5. Great to see you posting again! Welcome back!

  6. Glad you're back! Have enjoyed alot of the gems that you put up on this blog.