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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goregod - The Human Abstract (1994)

Genre: Avant-Garde Industrial Death Metal
Country: Russia
Year: 1994

1. Pukes by Blood
2. The Human Abstract
3. World Is Shit
4. Sex Brutal Sex
5. White Is Right

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This... this is something a little different that some of you might not exactly enjoy. Still, I found it to be quite interesting and it's not exactly "available", so I thought it couldn't hurt to post.

The demo opens with what sounds like a dark, twisted... jaw harp. That's right. A jaw harp. If you're looking for creativity in OSDM, the Russian Goregod "fits" the bill. The guitars are borderline acoustic-sounding and have a very unique "steely" kind of sound whose strums remind me of the music in horror movies, victims running wildly at top speed down endless, poorly lit, metallic hallways. The drums drive a lot of the tempo, yet somehow feel disconnected from the rest of the music. You'll find a multitude of vocals here, ranging from sputtering snarling to spoken word to commanding PA system authoritativeness.

This'll leave you with a nice "whatthefuckdidijustlistento" feeling!

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