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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Funeral Revolt - Γαία Υπερφιάλων Αθεμιστών (1994)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 1994

1. Γαία Υπερφιάλων Αθεμιστών

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Christos from Sanctorum sent me this exquisite promo demo years ago, and I see he has now posted it on Youtube, but I figured it could do with an "official" blog release! This is the original mp3, not that compressed Youtube crap (first guy who tells me mp3s are compressed gets my foot up their ass); this track deserves it!

Mind. Blown. Quite possibly one of my favorite songs with perhaps the most infectious Hellenic riff my ears have ever had the good fortune of absorbing. As the years passed, Funeral Revolt has dropped the dark, filthy sludgy guitar tone in favor of something with a little more vitality and vigor. It all comes together in this tiny demo released at the end of the first phase of Funeral Revolt, unfortunately.

From the beginning to the all-too-soon ending (even though the song is a solid 6 minutes long), the main riff will hold you to the edge of your seat, gripping your musical palate so tightly, you'll find yourself unable to do much of anything until the song has finished. I actually had to stop listening to this song long enough to write this review, as I would keep getting lost in the music and zoning out. Ripping double bass brings out the intensity of the riff at times, while female vocals rain down beauty, with tasteful solos the glue that brings it all together into a tight little package bursting at the seams that'll leave anyone begging for more... sadly it won't come.

Enjoy this one, folks. You'll get quite some replay value from this gem. Recommended.

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