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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goregod - Apocalypse Now (1996)

Genre: Avant-Garde Industrial Death Metal
Country: Russia
Year: 1996

1. Funeral Song
2. The Darkest Side of Reality
3. Mourne Country
4. Apocalypse Now
5. Dark Is the Future
6. 10000 Maimed Corpses
7. We Must Find a Way
8. Suprised Song
9. Warchaos

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More of the same from these crazy fuckers. Somebody heard their wacko demo and thought it would be a great idea to sign them to a label (Mortal Dreams Productions). Fortunately, I know the guy responsible for this, so I'm just busting balls now. That said, this isn't a bad album! A bit on the unique side, but to the point where it's refreshing. The more I listen, the more it grows on me. Pretty sure I'm at the point where I like it!

It's a bit tamer than the demo, and with a much more holistic sound (thicker guitar tone, actual song structure, etc.). Very synth heavy and there's more of the industrial sound with some psychedelic elements, too. There is quite a range of styles all over this album. You've got your up-front, fast-paced Death Metal with the title track, a more chill and psychedelic approach with "We Must Find A Way", and probably my favorite track, "Darkest Side of Reality", which boasts an industrial, almost videogame-esque main riff. The same range of vocals is still present, and used quite well to create a thrilling listening experience that will keep you guessing what the hell will happen next.

Yurra Serov (the Mortal Dreams Productions guy of Different Seasons fame) is the reason I know about this band (and a few future posts), and he shared what I thought was one hell of a crazy story:

James A. Magda (AKA Jamz), the frontman had found himself in an interesting position at the time of this album's release. Right as Serov and Mortal Dreams Productions had made all the arrangements for the release of Apocalypse Now, and were about to print and distribute the album, Jamz's wife wrote, informing them that Jamz was dead. Killed in a fight, apparently. Get this, though... she also sent, along with the letter, the last song he recorded, entitled... "Make Me Dead". Holy shit.

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