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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gruel - Gruel (2005)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 2005

1. Corporeal Flesh Consume
2. Awaiting the Massacre
3. Cursed Desert Sand

Download at Mediafire
Metal Archives Rating: 88% (2 reviews)



Credit to FeatherOfHuginn for turning me onto this gem shrouded in... obscurity? Point is, not enough people know about this, so here's my good-natured attempt at showing you all the light (er, dark).

The first thing that struck me was the top-notch recording quality. Who are these Swedish guys? I'm convinced this has to be some sort of side project of somebody or something, since most bedroom bands have less than desirable sound quality. Speculations aside, the material presented in these short 12 minutes simply oozes potential... certainly a direction any death metal band would be proud to embark upon.

The vocals stand out particularly, alternating between your classic death gutturals and a more demonic, gnashing angry growl, both of which meld beautifully with the skillful and aggressive guitars. Very riff-oriented, so if you like your death metal thick and engaging, with a guitar tone to die for, look no further... that is, until this quick demo ends...


  1. D'aww, thanks buddy. BTW, it's 'Huginn', and if anybody is curious about where to get a copy of this, it can still be purchased for $5+shipping at the Dark Horizon records webshop.

  2. Heh, whoops. Fixed now!

    Also, added a link to purchase.

  3. I have come across this name before, I think someone recommended me them once. Well, about time I check them out then. Thanks guys!