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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Funeral Revolt - Brutality Domain (1991)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 1991

1. Collective Carbonization
2. Interminable Excruciation
3. Brutality Domain

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I thought I'd post some stuff from Funeral Revolt, seeing as this stuff is quite sought after, and so I'll begin with their 1991 release Brutality Domain. Unfortunately, I don't have their first demo, Homicidal Society, and I can't find much information on it other than the link at Metal Archives, so it's hard to tell if it even exists! If anybody's got it, send it this way! Thanks!

Anyway, this is nothing like the industrial direction they've gone in of late, so if you were turned off by their recent stuff, you've no need to look any further than the next couple of posts here! Present on this demo is raw Death Metal in the utmost old-school fashion. Sometimes bordering on the doomy, slow side of things, while speeding up at other times, when combined with the longer song structures, expect some well-thought out songs. Solos are used throughout, sometimes several in a single song, but they are not overdone or wanky in any way; always done to ADD to the song, and never to take away. Yes, I have problems with solos in songs. Too much wank, not enough music! Oho! Probably why I hate Thrash... ANYWAY, back to the demo.

There's nothing special about the vocals, but they are decent gutturals that complement the songs quite nicely, meshing well with that classic Greek Hellenic riffing style. Watch out for their 1994 promo, that shit's got some crazy riffing!

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  1. funeral revolt had guitar solos when noone can play just simple riffing