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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Natural Fear - Beyond Eternity (1992)

Genre: Atmospheric Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 1992

1. Intro/Souless Traitoration
2. Beyond Eternity

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Even more rare stuff from Greece! This is the only demo that I know of released by Natural Fear. I really like this demo. It's very short, but oh so sweet with two different styles of songs. Both start off with a far-off, distant-sounding introduction riff, leading into a mix of chunky and serene-like Death Metal with heavy use of synths. It sounds like it could go the brutal route, but then tapers off into spacey synths reminding me of the dark night sky, clear with stars spackling the heavens.

The second song sounds VERY familiar, especially the opening riff, and if any of you can pinpoint what this sounds like, I'll give you a cookie. It could just be my imagination, though! This track seems a bit darker and more foreboding than the other, and has a set, slow to mid-paced assault that doesn't let up, the drums pounding near the back, getting closer and closer and closer... Strangely enough, it's an almost calming style of Death Metal; difficult to explain.

Regardless, this one's only about six minutes long, so you could listen to this hidden gem twice in the time it takes to shower! Get it!

EDIT: Bingo! The familiarity comes from The Chasm... specifically "In Superior Torment". Interestingly enough, this demo came out years before Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph...

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