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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lamentations - Promo 1993 (1993)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Year: 1993

1. Forbidden Unacceptable Suicide
2. Lamentations
3. Reborn for Dying
4. Infamous Death

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This time from France, let's focus on something that hasn't seen the light of day for many years. Not much is known of this band, and everything I know comes from the inlay... I'm sure they've released more; I mean, how could they not have, considering the quality of this promo!

The first thing I noticed about this demo was the production. It's not as clear and crisp as most stuff out there, but rather subdued and "soft". Obviously, this is a huge contradiction, considering it's full-on Death Metal, but I feel that it's a little smoother, which is great!

Again with the atmospheric tinges, these guys know how to build up a song, constructing it the way songs are meant to be constructed (see: "Reborn for Dying"). I always love it when Death Metal bands extend their songs over the average 3-4 minute mark, because, more often than not, we're left with experimentation, and opportunities to slow down the fury and create a better song. The first song here is your standard Death Metal, but then the band progresses with some dynamite riffing and song structure. This is some involving and complex stuff, so don't miss out!

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